Dedicated Server

Dedicated servers from gives your businesses an unmatched level of locked-down security and control for any website or application. Enjoy the topnotch hardware and best performance with our dedicated server range. Great for applications that need guaranteed hardware resources or application which are resource intensive. Use your server without any restrictions, backed by rock solid infrastructure and 24/7/365 support team.

Dedicated Server

Our entire line of dedicated servers are equipped with enterprise-grade hardware and solid state drives to ensure your websites, applications and databases experience quick load times in addition to top-notch performance

Dedicated Server Pune Price Details

Choose your Ready-to-Go Best Dedicated Server

HP DL 360 G832GB2 x 6 core 240GB SSD5TB₹ 13000Contact NOW
HP DL 380 G832GB 2 x 6 core 240GB SSD5TB ₹ 15000Contact NOW
HP DL 360 G864GB2 x 8 core 1TB SSD5TB₹ 17000Contact NOW
HP DL 380 G864GB2 x 8 core 1TB SSD5TB ₹ 20000Contact NOW
Dell R210 16GB4 core 240GB SSD5TB ₹ 12000Contact NOW


24/7/365 Support

We offer custom onboarding with dedicated account manager, ensuring you are in good care is our top priority.

VPS Hosting India

Really Fast Servers!

2x faster performance and reliability with Enterprise SSD Drives, tons of RAM and Intel Xeon processors. Now run your business-critical web applications on our enterprise-grade cloud vps

100 Mb/s Network

We guarantee excellent loading time all time, with our premium grade network connectivity. We have multimhomed tier 1 connectivity along with local peering up streame providers.

Dedicated IP

One of many premium features is a dedicated IP address, All our VPS comes with dedicated IP from Indian ranges

Operating System

Choose from various operating system i.e. CentOS , Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, SUSE, windows for your VPS

KVM / IPMI remote access included

All Dedicated servers comes with full KVM/IPMI remote access, ensuring you have full access to your server at all levels whenever required

Dedicated Server FAQ

What Is A Dedicated Server Hosting?

As the name suggests its remote server dedicated to an specific individual, organization , or application within an organization. With dedicated server lease options customer has full control over server resource and configuration. Vegitva provides various hardware option to choose from, along with options for custom setups for micro to large scale.

Do You Provide Dedicated IP Address For All Dedicated Servers?

All our Dedicated server comes with Public dedicated IP address, infect ALL our Dedicated server plans currently comes with Indian public dedicated ip address, you can request additional ip address at point in time while consuming the service or while initial purchase. We also provide Dedicated Servers without Dedicated Public IP on case to case based.

Can I Request A Dedicated Server Without Dedicated Public IP?

Yes, we provide Dedicated server without dedicated Public IP on case-to-case bases, unlike other providers. Please contact us before purchasing so we can understand your use case to serve your better.

Can I Install Custom Software On My Dedicated Server?

Yes, you can. Actually, as the name suggest its dedicated server, you can provide access and configuration as per your need, as with dedicated servers unlike others you get full control over your dedicated server, project. With Vegitva you can choose from various operating systems from dozen plus Linux flavors or windows client or server.

Where Vegitva Data centers are located?

We have 3 locations available as to choose from. You can choose from our Data center in Pune or Data center in Mumbai or Data Center in USA

What are the benefits of dedicated hosting?

Dedicated Server Pune – The Very Best Of Web Hosting: Dedicated servers are an enterprise-level hosting solution and are perfect for high-traffic, large websites or applications which require ridiculous amounts of power. Dedicated Server offers you total control over your hosting environment and enables you to give visitors a unique experience. As the name suggests, it’s hosting provided from hardware and software dedicated to one single customer.

How long will it take for my server to be ready for use?

We ensure quick access to your server. And for this, we make your server ready in a day or two. Typically we provide a server in 12 to 24 hrs when your order is verified by our fraud detection team.

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